Day Laborers Urged to Take Advantage of Available Health Coverage

New America Media, News Report, Jenny Manrique, Posted: May 17, 2017

Fear generated by threats to repeal Obamacare, coupled with anti-immigrant rhetoric, is keeping some immigrants from taking advantage o…


Is India Poised for Takeoff?

India West, News Analysis, Ashok Vaish , Posted: May 16, 2017

Will there be another Google or Microsoft out of India? Maybe, although the challenges are formidable. I would not bet on it for the fo…


The Threat of Zika Never Disappeared

New America Media, News Analysis, Erin N. Marcus, MD, Posted: May 15, 2017

Pregnant women are of concern because Zika can cause severe fetal brain defects. In nonpregnant people generally, Zika can occasionally…

Health Care Is Now the Republicans' Mess

Indian Country, News Report, Mark Trahant , Posted: May 08, 2017

The 2018 Elections will be defined by what happens with health care going forward.

Health Clinic Patients Protest Trump's Policies

New America Media, News Report, Viji Sundaram, Posted: May 02, 2017

As always, there were protests and rallies across the nation on May Day, only this year, many of the chants carried anti-Trump messages…