Low-Income Koreans Confused on New California Care Plan

Korea Times/New America Media , News Feature, Kwang Hee Lee, Posted: Jan 25, 2015

Low-income elders like Young Soon Kim, 75, of San Jose, must decide whether to join a new California health plan with good benefits, bu…


Former US Sailor Rocks Boat with Federal Lawsuit

Muslim Observer, News Report, Aatif Ali Bokhari, Posted: Jan 23, 2015

Being a US sailor allowed Jonathan Berts a chance to travel around the world and study Arabic and Islam, but his commitment to faith re…


In State of the Union, Obama Calls on GOP to Help Middle Class

Washington Informer, News Report, Dorothy Rowley, Posted: Jan 21, 2015

In his sixth State of the Union address, the president challenged the GOP to uplift the middle class with more trade deals and higher t…

How Hardcore Helps Me Cope With Depression

We'Ced, Video, Alyssa Castro, Posted: Jan 16, 2015

Robert Cervantez, 19, has struggled with feelings of depression since middle school. Merced's Hardcore community has given him a much-n…

The Paris Attacks Are an Insult to the Prophet Mohamad

Arab American News, Editorial, Staff, Posted: Jan 14, 2015

As much as we condemn the cowardly attack, we reject retaliation against ordinary Muslims have nothing to do with the violent extremist…

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Indigenous Leaders Call for Driving Test in Their Own Language

La Opinión, News Report, Araceli Martínez Ortega, Translated by Elena Shore, Posted: Jan 28, 2015

The GOP's Border Bill Would Be a Disaster

Vox, News Report, Dara Lind, Posted: Jan 27, 2015

‘The Happiest Day of My Life’ - Undocumented APIs Urged to Apply for Driver’s Licenses

New America Media, News Report, Summer Chiang, Posted: Jan 23, 2015