S. Korean Youth Weigh in on ‘The Interview’

New America Media, Interview, Posted: Dec 18, 2014

South Korean youth share their reactions to the comedy "the Interview," which has been cancelled due to threats believed to have come f…


CA Advocates Hope Low-Income Black Elders Ready for New Health Program

Black Voice News/New America Media , News Report, Corey Arvin, Posted: Dec 13, 2014

Low-income black elders and those with disabilities and their advocates say new California health program is confusing, but holds promi…


Special Training Prepares Nurses for Growing Senior Population

News-Sentinel/New America Media, News Feature, Jennifer L. Boen , Posted: Dec 11, 2014

Seniors are hospitalized at triple the general population rate, yet too few health professionals are trained in geriatric care. A new n…

Making Technology Work for Elders in the New Longevity Economy

New America Media/WBAI, News Report, Liz Seegert, Posted: Dec 10, 2014

New gizmos from tech startups offer us more independence as we age, but researchers stress that ethnic diversity also raises cost and c…

Why Older Americans Are Financially Vulnerable

U.S. News & World Report/New America Media , News Feature, Kimberly Palmer, Posted: Dec 08, 2014

In addition to wrinkles and graying hair, getting older brings on a less-visible change: diminished cognitive abilities that can open t…

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DACA Medi-Cal -- A Lifeline for Young Samoan With Bone Disease
DACA Medi-Cal -- A Lifeline for Young Samoan With Bone Disease

By Text: Viji Sundaram / Video: Tudor Stanley,
Posted: Dec 05, 2014





What's Really Behind Obama’s Cuba Move

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Black Lives Matter on International Migrants Day, Too

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US Supreme Court: DACA Recipients Can Drive in Arizona

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