What UN World Leaders Can Learn from California’s Climate Law

New America Media, Commentary, Mari Rose Taruc, Posted: Sep 20, 2014

One commentator says that climate solutions must include the voices of indigenous, low-income and immigrant and minority communities.


Latino Workers Dying at Higher Rates in Job Accidents, Report Shows

FairWarning, News Report, Stuart Silverstein, Posted: Sep 18, 2014

Worker advocates blame weak federal and state regulation and a trend of employers increasingly giving dangerous jobs to temporary worke…


Citizenship Day: Celebrating the Changing Face of American Citizenship

Asian Journal, News Report, Stewart Kwoh and Nasim Khansari, Posted: Sep 17, 2014

Naturalized US citizens are incredibly diverse but over the past 10 years, immigrants from Asia have been the largest and fastest-growi…

Don’t Rush to Judge Parents Who Use a Switch to Discipline Kids

The Root, Commentary, Hilary Beard, Posted: Sep 17, 2014

Experts say that Adrian Peterson’s case shows that parenting practices vary widely—and are complicated by race, gender, religion, cultu…

UC Offers New Assistance Program for Middle Class Families

UC Newsroom, News Report, Nicole Freeling, Posted: Sep 15, 2014

Thousands of UC students soon could receive a check to offset some of their college-related expenses through a new state program aimed …