New York Offers Support to Urge More Immigrants to Apply for U.S. Citizenship

New America Media, News Report, Anthony Advincula, Posted: Sep 29, 2016

Despite an increase in citizenship applications, there are still many eligible New Yorkers who have not taken that step.


Helping Parents See Themselves as Educators

New America Media, News Report, Peter Schurmann, Posted: Sep 26, 2016

Early childhood education providers in L.A. say helping parents and families be better educators at home means "changing how they see t…


Report: African Americans Have Been 'Locked Out' of Home Ownership

Louisiana Weely, News Report, Della Hasselle, Posted: Sep 26, 2016

The homeownership rate for African Americans is now lower than the national homeownership rate was during the 1930s.

For DACA Recipient, Mexico Visit Means Connection, More Questions

Long Beach VoiceWaves, News Feature, Jessica Salgado, Posted: Sep 24, 2016

"I felt numb because I was feeling so many emotions at once," said Salazar. "Other Dreamers feel 'off.'' They feel confused [coming bac…

Congressional Black Caucus Presses Attorney General on Police Shootings of Unarmed Blacks

Washington Informer, News Report, William J. Ford, Posted: Sep 23, 2016

The Congressional Black Caucus held a news conference Thursday outside Justice Department headquarters in northwest D.C. calling for At…