Water Warriors: Dine' Veterans Head to Standing Rock

Navajo Times, News Feature, Donovan Quintero, Posted: Dec 01, 2016

Nakai stressed that their motivation was not to go to Standing Rock to fight with police, but to stand guard on front lines and pray fo…


On The White Nationalist Hate List, Immigrants Now Trump Blacks

Northstar News Today, News Report, Rosemary Eng, Posted: Nov 28, 2016

The new tactic is a petition asking for president-elect Donald J. Trump to rescind his appointment of Stephen Bannon as White House str…


Experts Say Depression Rates Among Latinos Likely to Rise Under Trump

La Opinion, News Report, Francisco Castro, Posted: Nov 23, 2016

Speaking at a conference on aging in New Orleans, researchers described an air of uncertainty that could lead to increases in depressio…

High Cost of Human Rights Corrodes DAPL Financing

Indian Country News, News Feature, Steve Russell, Posted: Nov 23, 2016

A Norwegian Bank, DNB, is reexamining its commitment to DAPL as a direct result of the efforts of the Water Protectors.

Renters at Risk: In San Francisco, Few Have Quake Insurance

New America Media, News Report, Anna Challet, Posted: Nov 22, 2016

If you're in the Bay Area for the next 30 years, there's a nearly 75 percent chance you'll experience a large earthquake -- as big as t…