Native Media and the 2010 Census - Tuesday, Feb. 16

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A strategy session, organized by New America Media (, to plan and implement a 2010 Census advertising and communications campaign for southern California's native media outlets and community-based organizations.


To increase awareness of the 2010 Census within the American Indian and indigenous community, through the production and placement of advertising and/or public service announcements in the various newspapers, radio stations, websites, and newsletters serving native communities in Los Angeles and surrounding areas.

Participants will have the opportunity to speak directly with officials from the U.S. Census Bureau, have their questions about the 2010 Census answered, discuss messaging strategies, and learn how New America Media can help support them with the resources for production and placement of advertisements and public service announcements in their media.

Tuesday, February 16
10am - 1pm

The California Endowment
Center For Healthy Communities, Cabrillo Room
1000 N. Alameda Street
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Lunch will be provided

To RSVP for this event by phone or email, please contact:

Jacob Simas at: (415) 994-9227 or:




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