Ricky Martin Comes Out to Mixed Response from Latinos

Ricky Martin Comes Out to Mixed Response from Latinos

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MIAMI -- Puerto Rican singer Ricky Martin’s announcement on his Web site that is gay generated mixed reactions in the Latino entertainment community, reports El Nuevo Herald. Some voiced admiration for his honesty, while some of his female fans said they were disillusioned.

Maria Laria, host of the program Arrebatados de America TeVé in Miami, called Martin's statement a positive step in that the singer was thinking “more about his life than his career.”

“People may think that many girls saw him for his sex appeal and his talent, but many admire him for his honesty," Laria said.

Karen Rodriguez, a reporter and producer of 22 years, said, “We will continue going to his concerts and playing his discs, but it hurts to have lost such a beautiful man.”

Publicist Gabriel Reyes of the Los Angeles-base Reyes Entertainment, does not expect Martin's revelation to damage his career, saying that Martin is “already a star.”