400,000 Americans Lose Unemployment Benefits

400,000 Americans Lose Unemployment Benefits

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LOS ANGELES--An estimated 400,000 Americans have been left without unemployment benefits because the Senate failed to extend them before its recess, La Opinión reports. Before the Easter holiday recess, Sen. Tom Coburn, R-Okla., opposed a proposal that would have extended benefits through $10 billion in budget cuts. The same thing happened last February, but at that time, most Senators opposed their colleague.

Even though three unemployment extensions have been approved in the last two years, Republicans want to give the appearance of being fiscally responsible. It is not accidental that the Republicans are taking this position in an election year, editors write.

Ironically, editors write, Republicans stopped being fiscally prudent a long time ago. The last president to leave a balanced budget was Democrat Bill Clinton and it took six years of Republican government—in the White House and Congress—to create a record fiscal deficit.