Chinese Man Released After ICE Arrest

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NEW YORK—According to the World Journal, a Chinese man who was arrested by Long Beach Police on the eve of Chinese New Year, and later handed over to the ICE, was finally released last week. Li Yunliang said he was waiting for his green card when his wife was arrested in February, but when he arrived at the police station to bail her out, the police arrested him instead because his name was on the deportation list. After the arrest, Li was transferred to Manhattan’s Varick Federal Detention Facility, and later to an immigration jail in New Jersey where he was locked up for almost two months. Li told the newspaper that his experience in the immigration detention facility was "a nightmare." He was not able to see a doctor for a week while he had a fever, and he said that he saw disabled immigrants physically abused by the guards. Li said he is now scared of the police and afraid of going into any government building.

Wang JunYu, Li’s lawyer, told the World Journal that the police violated the law when they arrested Li and that ICE has also admitted that the arrest went against police protocol.