Chinese Voiced Angers on Safety in Community Meeting

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SAN FRANCISCO— At the San Francisco’s Police Commission’s community meeting happened on Wednesday night, many Chinese residents in the Bayview District came out and voiced their angers, saying they could not tolerate their community members continue to be victimized on streets and public transportation in the area. Recently, three Chinese residents were reported being attacked by African American youths along the T-line street car route, and one elder victim, 83-year-old Chen Huan, died from serious injury. At the meeting, Police Captain Greg Suhr of the District responded to the commissioners and the public that he has already increased enforcement on the T-line and they have 11 Chinese-speaking police officers in the district to provide language assistance. However, Chinese residents participated the meeting still voiced strong complaints and criticisms towards the police performance. The paper said, it is disappointing that the police commissioners did not take stronger stand in confronting the police department.