Latino Caregivers Get a Rest

Latino Caregivers Get a Rest

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 CHICAGO -- Latino caregivers for the elderly are faced with numerous challenges including isolation and exhaustion, but there is a host of programs in their communities to give them a much-needed rest, reported La Raza.

Latinos ages 45 to 64 are more likely than other ethnic groups to take care of an aging parent or partner, according to a recent study conducted by ImpreMedia, The National Institute of Hispanic Leadership and AARP.

For those who care for a loved one, the task can lead to stress, loss of appetite and even healthcare issues, Sarah Stein, a coordinator for caregivers at Age Options in Cook County told La Raza.

Stein says that caretakers often don’t realize the role that they play, don’t know where to ask for help, and/or are afraid of the impact this could have on their job.

There are a large number of programs available to help caregivers, and they can be found by contacting a local agency for older adults, reported the newspaper. Solutions for Care, in the areas of Cicero and Berwyn, is one such organization.

The agency offers what is called “respite care,” so the caregiver can take
a break, make an appointment to go see the doctor or go on vacation. In some cases people can get help with home chores or receive training on CPR and stress management.

Other programs even include a “caregiver prom,” and other social activities for caregivers. Programs also offer help to elderly lesbians and gays.