More Young People Moving Back Home

More Young People Moving Back Home

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Editor's Note: In the bad economy, more and more Americans are moving back home to live with their parents. Three authors from YO! Youth Outlook Multimedia share their perspectives.

Donny Lumpkins As My Hair Turns Gray, I Move Back Home
by Donny Lumpkins
"...Most of my friends live at home. We always get together and talk about getting a loft in Oakland, but pipe dreams bust due to the pressure of life. No one I know is focused enough to actually follow through with the idea. Most people seem content with their living situation. Why move out when you basically live in a hotel for free? But in my heart I know I want more than that. I need my own space. If I am going gray, and if I do have to age, I would like to do it gracefully and alone."

Erricka X Four Generations Under One Roof
by Erricka X
"There are four generations of my family members living under one roof right now. I’m a 29-year-old woman who recently moved back into my grandmother’s house and I can honestly say I’m glad about the transition...."

Jamilah KingLeaving Home Reeks of Defeat and Selfishness
by Jamilah King
"...When I decided to move out of my mother’s house in the summer of 2008, it just felt like I was taking a pause in the conversation: a comma, semicolon, just something to hold me over until I could gather up the reserves to continue. It’s been a year and half, and facing the possibility of losing my job in a few months, I’m considering moving back in. I’ve realized that my script still isn’t as refined as I’d like it to be..."