On Immigration Reform, Congress Ignores Will of Voters

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An interim Immigrant Justice Report Card released this month by the National Latino Congreso reveals several strong disassociations between Congress members’ sponsorship and voting records on comprehensive immigration reform-related issues and the desires of their constituents, reports Hispanic Link.

A recent Benenson Strategy Group poll showed that 68 percent of likely voters support pro-immigrant reforms such as legislation which would allow undocumented immigrants to apply for citizenship after satisfying certain requirements.

In contrast, only 37 percent of all pro-immigrant measures were supported by their elected representatives.

Within the House, 68.4 percent of representatives in districts with more than 50,000 Asian-American residents favored reform. This contrasts to 51.9 percent of representatives in districts with 50,000 or more Latino members and to 58.2 percent of representatives of districts with more than 50,000 foreign-born members.