Sen. Reid Gives Hope for Immigrant Legalization

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Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid says some 12 million undocumented residents in the United States may be given legal status when an overhaul of the country’s immigration law happens this year.

Asian Journal reports that Reid added, “at the same time, legal channels of immigration will be improved "to relieve the pressure that leads people to come to the U.S. illegally.” This public commitment to swiftly overhaul the country’s immigration laws was given by Reid to a crowd of thousands in downtown Las Vegas April 10. The senator also urged participants of the immigration rally to do their part in convincing those who oppose the said reform package. "I am committed to fixing our immigration system in a way that is fair, practical and tough on people who break the law," Sen. Reid told the crowd that gathered for the three-hour event in front of the federal courthouse. The Democratic senator said New York Sen. Charles Schumer is now working with South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham in drafting a bipartisan bill to reform the immigration system.