Some Filipinos Still Afraid of Census

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NEW YORK- Lourdes, a 54-year old medical receptionist from Jersey City calmly folds the forms, slips it back into its envelope, and inserts it into a humming paper shredder, which in one violent growl devours the document like a food-deprived alligator. “They need too much information from me,” Lourdes explains. “That is dangerous.”

Like alarmingly many Filipinos, and perhaps members of other ethnic communities in New York, Lourdes just shredded the 2010 Census forms that she received in her mail. She doesn't want to be counted, reports the Filipino Express.

As the April 15 deadline looms for the Census Bureau to get the count, the low turnout of participants is causing severe distress on city officials. Mayor Mike Bloomberg in a statement to the media said that low census turnout would be terrible for New York.

Many Filipino-American immigrant organizations are helping to quell these fears permeating in the community. One such organization is the Filipino American Human Resources or FAHSI. “We explain to them that the census does not report to the INS, and that these are two different agencies,” said Rose-Ann Ubarra, the group's executive director.