Vigil in Bayview Addresses Black-Asian Tensions

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SAN FRANCISCO— According to the World Journal, over 100 people from different ethnic communities came together on Thursday night to join a candlelight vigil in San Francisco’s Bay View neighborhood to stop the violence and raise awareness about racial tensions in the area. The vigil was also to honor the life of Huan Chen, an 83-year-old Chinese victim who was attacked on the Muni T-line and died from the injuries. Participants told the paper the tragic death of Chen not only brought light to problems within the neighborhood but also citywide. The vigil was conducted in a peaceful atmosphere, with only few African-American youths on the side shouting, “If you are black, don’t join the assembly!”

The vigil was held at an open space at the intersection of Third Street and Palou Street, an area known to be a gang battleground.