Dallas City Council Divided Over Arizona Boycott

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DALLAS -- The new anti-immigrant regulations in Arizona continue to spark controversy in Dallas, reports Al Dia.

Two Latino council members want the Dallas city council to condemn the Arizona Senate Bill 1070, but their proposal was defeated by the mayor and other council members. In addition, several local groups have launched a boycott of companies that do business in Arizona, including potato chip company Frito-Lay Inc., which contributes $50 million annually to a sporting event in Phoenix, and 7-Eleven stores that distribute their products.

Councilwoman Gloria Jasso said she wants Dallas to consider taking measures that other cities like Austin have taken, such as taking a public stand against SB 1070 or prohibiting city employees from traveling to Arizona. But Mayor Tom Leppert said the city council does not take positions on issues that don't relate directly to Dallas. Pro-immigrant groups supported the Latino council members' proposal, and a representative said it's time to see "who is on our side and who we should support when the time comes for elections."