Calderón: Arizona Law Is a 'Terrible Idea'

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WASHINGTON -- Mexican President Felipe Calderón said he strongly disagreed with the new law in Arizona in an English-language speech before Congress Thursday morning. He said SB 1070 "introduces a terrible idea -- racial profiling as the basis of law enforcement." Calderón called on the United States and Mexico to find a better way to fix their common problems, saying comprehensive immigration reform was "crucial to securing our common border." Calderón also asked for the United States' help to reduce the flow of arms across the border and consider renewing the ban on assault weapons that was lifted in 2004. He sent a message to migrants that he admired and missed them, and that he was working hard for their rights and for Mexico and their families. The Mexican president also laid out the steps he has taken to combat crime and drug trafficking, improve the Mexican economy, and increase equal opportunities for Mexicans including working toward establishing universal health care by 2012. "Mexico and the United States are stronger together than they are apart," he said, and said the two countries should work together to "consolidate North America as the most competitive region in the world."