Chief Editor Published Vaccine Scandals in China Removed

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CHINA—Suspicions are swirling that Bao Yueyang, chief editor and publisher of China Economic Times, was removed from his job for publishing an investigative report on the problems of vaccines in Shanxi Province, reports Yazhou Zhoukan.

The report stirred up heated discussions on the topic before the media were silenced. Even though the local and central health departments pointed out  errors in the report,  and maintained that the recent deaths and illnesses of children in Shanxi were unrelated to the quality of the vaccines, China Economic Times stuck to its story.

In recent years, the paper has been penalized many times for errors in reporting, but Bao has always protected his reporters. He has always told them that as long as their reporting was objective and based on facts, they had nothing to fear.

Bao has worked in the media for more than 20 years. He has been transferred to China Development Press, operated by the State Council's development research center.