Day Laborers Posing Threats in NY?

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NEW YORK—The rape and murder of Yao Yu, a female Chinese foreign student, by a drunk Mexican day laborer last week in New York’s Flushing district, raised questions in the Chinese community about whether Spanish-speaking day laborers were causing trouble in the area. According to the World Journal, Chinese community members said the recession and lack of jobs was fueling excessive drinking and out of control behavior among some Spanish-speaking laborers, and they warned their Chinese neighbors to take safety precautions. On the other hand, community leaders and Chinese employers argued that Yu’s case was an exception. Fu Heming, director of the Flushing Development Center, said the area has both Spanish-speaking and Chinese day laborers, and there haven’t been any conflicts in the past. Chinese bakery owner Chen Kenan said he agreed it was an exceptional case, because from his experience working with Spanish-speaking laborers, most are responsible and family-oriented people.