Three Indian Americans Shortlisted for Next Solicitor General

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 Three of the top five candidates to succeed Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan as Solicitor General are Indian American, a first for the community, reports India Abroad.

Neal Katyal, the current primary deputy solicitor general and former professor at Georgetown Law School; Preeta Bansal, the New York solicitor general and a Harvard Law School colleague of Obama's. and Sri Srinivasan is a lecturer at Harvard Law School who has argued 17 cases before the Supreme Court and worked in the Solicitor General's office from 2002 to 2007 as assistant to then Solicitor General Walt Delinger.

The other two candidates are Donald Verrilli Jr., senior White House counsel and Christine Gregoire, the governor of Washington, who has been that state's Attorney General.

The bets are on Katyal who is already acting Solicitor General since Kagan's nomination. He is well-liked by Attorney General Eric Holder and also was called upon by then Senator Obama to discuss the constitutionality of legislation. Akhil Amar, professor of law at Yale and Katyal's professor, said Katyal was ideally suited for the job because "this is a position for America's best litigator" in the vein of Thurgood Marshall. Katyal successfully took on the Bush administration in the Supreme Court in defense of Salim Hamdan, Osama bin Laden's chauffeur.