Vietnamese Fishermen in Louisiana Excited About BP Jobs

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More than 200 Vietnamese boat owners gathered at a school in Boothville, Louisiana to apply for jobs using their vessels to clean up oil in the Gulf of Mexico, after an April 20 explosion on a rig caused as much as 200,000 gallons of oil a day to gush into the waters. They came to listen to David Kinnaird, who represents BP PLC, the company that operates the rig that exploded, in a meeting with community members.

People with boats smaller than 32 feet will be paid up to $1,200 a day to help with clean up efforts, Kinnaird told the crowd. They will be setting up barriers and throwing down bouys to stop the oil from reaching sensitive wetlands, as well as use vacuum pumps to suck up the oil. According to the Independent, hundreds of fishermen have been hired by the company to carry out clean up efforts. Approximately, 25 percent of America’s seafood comes from this region.