Ariz. Law Could Spur More Latino Voters in November

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PHOENIX -- Arizona’s immigration law could draw a record level of voters to the polls this November, especially Latino voters, La Voz reports. SB 1070, a state bill that allows police to arrest and detain undocumented immigrants in the Arizona, is set to take effect on July 29.

According to Mi Familia Vota, an organization that promotes Latino voter registration, about 480,000 Latinos may cast a ballot this year.

“As never before this year we have seen an increase in the interest of people who want to participate in elections,” said Abigail Duarte, a coordinator with Mi Familia Vota. “We have seen that many people are angry. The Hispanic community does not feel well represented, and wants to get out and vote.”

Antonio Bustamante, an Arizona-based lawyer, agrees that Latino voters could participate in historic numbers.   Many people are furious with [SB1070], which surely will be reflected in the upcoming elections, said Bustamante.