Arizona Governor Clashes with Obama Administration

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LOS ANGELES -- New friction between Arizona Governor Jan Brewer and the Obama administration surfaced after Ecuadorian media posted an interview where Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announced the administration’s intention to file a lawsuit against the law, SB 1070, reports La Opinion.

The interview took place on Jun. 8, but as soon as it was made public, Brewers comments didn’t wait. The governor was upset to find out through foreign media about the lawsuit, reported La Opinión.

But the administration hasn’t shed much light on Clinton’s statement. When La Opinión sought comment from the U.S. Department of Justice, its spokesman, Alejandro Miyar said:  “We’re evaluating it.”

According to the daily, the question is whether Clinton knows something others don’t,  or if she spoke too soon.

The Department of State would only say that “everything related with any lawsuits should be handled by Justice.” When La Opinión asked if Clinton’s remarks were incorrect, the same statement was given.


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Posted Nov 22 2010

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