Attempt to Plug Oil Leak Too Late for Florida?

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BP is working to contain the Gulf oil gusher but the flow eastward has already had an impact on Florida, reports Diario Las Americas. Various concentrations of tar and layers of oil are now about nine miles from the Panhandle in the northwest corner of the Florida coast and could soon reach the shore. Many tourists and residents have flocked to the famous beaches of Pensacola after learning from the media that oil layers were just 11 kilometers from the white sands. Likewise, television networks have already installed their satellite dishes on the beaches of the city to catch the moment when the first waves begin to stain the coast of Pensacola. According to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, Florida fishermen and coastal communities have experienced a significant loss of income due to the public perception that Florida's waters have been contaminated by the spill. Retailers are having trouble selling fish such as snapper, grouper and shellfish.




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