Campaign Challenges Ariz. Immigration Law

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MIAMI – A national Hispanic grassroots advocacy group has launched a campaign to draw attention to Arizona’s immigration law, which they say dehumanizes Hispanics. Democracia Ahora’s “Ask me for 4 papers” campaign seeks to challenge the Arizona law by highlighting the valuable contributions Hispanics make to American society, according to a report by Spanish news service EFE.

Democracia Ahora President Jorge Mursuli criticizes the Arizona law for the negative assumptions and stereotypes it produces. “You want to see a Latino’s papers? He might show you his law degree or a letter that his daughter wrote. You want to see a Latina’s papers? Maybe she would show you a promotion letter from work or her library card. We want them to see our contributions, our achievements, our families, the valuable place that we occupy in American society,” explained Mursuli, as quoted by EFE.

The group is also distributing 20,000 wristbands with the words “Ask me 4 my papers” among elected officials and community leaders. Get your wristband here (




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