Day Laborers in Arizona Say They're Harmless

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A provision in Arizona’s new immigration law, SB 1070, that doesn't seem to have got on the mainstream media's radar would make it a state crime to look for work on the street, reports La Voz.

Two months before the law goes into effect, thousands of day-laborers who make a living finding employment on the streets are dueling with the question: “Should we stay or should we go?” according to the weekly Spanish publication.

“They want to kick us out as if we were criminals, we are harmless, we just want to work, we’re not here in the sun because we like it,” said Braulio Hernandez, a day-laborer in an interview with La Voz.

Even as it is, day laborers face a difficult situation trying to obtain work on the streets because the police have been arresting them, according to the report.