El Pregonero Wins 7 Awards at CPA Convention

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WASHINGTON - The Association of Catholic Press of the United States and Canada (CPA) recognized the serious and professional work of the Spanish newspaper, El Pregonero, the weekly paper reports.

The newspaper won first place in the category of general excellence in the language of Cervantes, in addition to  six other awards in different categories.

The paper also placed first in the general excellence category, first place in the best stand-alone newspaper website and first place in the best editorial titled, “If she could we also can” by Rafael Roncal. The editorial cites the victory of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor to inspire tits readers. 

El Pregonero also won a second place award for best regular column; second  place for best news writing and third place for best analysis, “Recovering Together,” a piece that revolves around the testimonies of patients  with cancer. 



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