Embassy Displays Works of First Filipino-Muslim National Artist

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Works of the first Filipino-Muslim National Artist are now on display in a back-to-back exhibition in Washington, D.C.

The Department of Foreign Affairs said Abdulmari Asia Imao’s works are on show from May 26 to 31 at the Philippine Embassy in Washington.

Imao, the National Artist for Sculpture, and his dentist-painter son, Jose Mari, Imao are holding the exhibition entitled “Henerasyon: Two Generations of Imao Art."

An article on the DFA website said the exhibit highlights sculptures and paintings that have defined the legacy of the Imao family of artists.

“Through the elder Imao’s works, the indigenous ukkil, sarimanok and naga motifs have been popularized and instilled in the Filipino’s consciousness," it said.

Abdulmari, the first Filipino-Muslim to be named as National Artist, also does large sculptures and monuments of Muslim and regional heroes.

His son Jose Mari has likewise gained attention as a muralist and a portrait artist.