Five Slaps for Funk Season -- Pandemonium's Soundtrack

Five Slaps for Funk Season -- Pandemonium's Soundtrack

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OAKLAND -- When Summer time hits Oakland you know it's the Funk Season. It's the season when the weather and the block starts to get hot. People start getting beat up and killed on the streets. For some reason everybody starts funking (beefing/having a problem with others) at the same time like it's a holiday but it's really not. Funk season is when people who run the streets try to settle their problems through violence.

Funk season is not a game it is real serious.

It's not only men that funk, the females do to and they funk harder than males some times. This summer funk season is really going down.

It seems like almost daily someone is getting laid dwn in Oakland. They've even taking it as far as shooting up churches and memorials.

The five top funk season slaps (banging songs) that youngsters in Oakland are listening to are

"Knock You Down” by DB DA General, Plies -- "Whatever I Say”, MacBlast "We Sleep Good At Night”, Gucci Man Ft. Nicki Minaj -- "PussyNi--a"  and one more from Piles "Rob Yo PussyAss”.

The reason people pick DB to listen to for funk season because when you on one with yo patnas and your listening to this songs chorus “You want beef with DB? I'll knock you down...” you start changing up the words and put your name or one of yo homies names in it. After that you'll be like: "man let’s go find them ni--as and knock them down. DB is from East Oakland but he's everywhere in the town.

Now, this song is really for the OG’s on the block riding with their little goons aka BG’s. (Baby Goons) This is a new song by Plies called “Whatever I Say.” People that have a lot of power on the the block love this song because their goons do whatever they say. OG’s love it when they listen to the song. It really touches them because they have goons busting heads to this song. Plies to me is a real dude even if I don't know him as a person. I can listen to his words and know. Plies is from Miami where it goes down.

People in Oakland really feel this song by MacBlast “We Sleep Good At Night” because it is real. MacBlast made this song like it happen in real life. He raps about stuff that him and his boys do in the streets. Street dudes like that real s--t that they can relate to about the streets. In this song they really talk about the people they've shot. When people listen to this song it makes them think about people they have shot in their life and how they sleep at night with a handgun or a chopper. MacBlast is from West Oakland

Acorn Jets.(Projects)

“PussyNi--a” by Gucci mane and Nicki Minaj is this song. Everybody bumps this song when they’re funking with a pussyni--a. You can see and smell and find a pussyni--a from a mile away. People really don't be tripping off pussyni--as that much because they’re just little street punks. Sometimes though u have to watch out for them because they are the ones that are knocking down real n---as for nothing. People like this song because everyone knows a pussyni--a. Gucci Mane is from Zone 6 in the ATL and Nicki Minaj is from New York.

This is the ultimate funk season song for me -- “Rob Yo Pussy Ass” by Plies. It make us feel like we should look for them ni--as and rob they pussy ass. This song slaps.

Bobby Jackson, 19, is a content producer at YO! Youth Outlook Multimedia from East Oakland