Gore to Filipinos -- Political Will is Renewable

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MANILA--Citing last year's Typhoon Ondoy as an example of the growing pattern of unusually strong storms over the past few years, former U.S. Vice President and celebrated environmental advocate Al Gore implored Filipinos to demand more decisive action from world leaders on climate change.

Speaking to an audience of 4,000 professionals yesterday at the SMX Convention Center in Pasay City, Gore said, "We have everything we need to solve the climate problem, except for political will. But political will is a renewable resource."

Gore said a recent report from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) showed that the months between January and April 2010 have seen the warmest combined global land and ocean surface temperatures on record.

His hour-long talk entitled "Facing the Inconvenient Truth" was designed for the Asian context and contained compelling scientific evidence of global warming and its impacts.

"Statisticians now have to change their figures because extreme weather events that used to take place every 500 or 1000 years are now becoming the norm," said Gore.

He said a recent report in Science Magazine noted that the frequency of hurricanes with an intensity 4 or 5 has doubled over the past few years.

This is Gore's second visit to Manila since the 2006 release of his Oscar-winning film "An Inconvenient Truth." Gore won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2008 for his work in environmental advocacy.




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