Guatemala Asks U.S. for Temporary Protected Status

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The administration of Guatemalan Pres. Alvaro Colom plans to ask the United States to halt deportations of Guatemalan immigrants for at least 18 months, as the country recovers from the devastation caused by tropical storm Agatha, reports Spanish news service EFE. The storm hit the country on May 29-30.

According to the news report, Guatemalan Deputy Foreign Minister Miguel Angel Ibarra said that the foreign ministry is finalizing a document to send to the U.S. State Department to request a Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for Guatemalan immigrants.

Approximately 1.7 million Guatemalans live in the United Sates, with 60 percent lacking legal status, says the news report. Since 2010, the United States has deported an estimated 10,000 Guatemalans.




Posted Jun 12 2010

will the guatemalans all ready in the US get a temporary visa?


Posted Jul 24 2010

guatemala needs all the help that they can get i belive that they need not only deserve the tps that they asked for the guatemalan immirgrants that live in the usa need to provid for their families that have been hurt lost their homes families and friends immigrants that live in the usa are less privaged then others they can't buy homes and for every person that says that immigrants have taken their jobs why dont they go pick cops in california and work in the hot sun immigrants work hard and deserve to be supported and not be called robbers murders rats and the worst living thing in the word


Posted Jul 27 2010

i pray that the guatemalans get granted the tps their country was already poor and now this devastion of an earthquake that added other problems to this country financially. The guatemalans are very hard workers and they have respect for our country why should they be treated less when they can bring so much more We treat our animals better than we do these beautiful human beings again i support the tps for guatemala


Posted Jul 29 2010

Is good idea to give guatemalan tps thear nice people hard work. Theihave nating there. Evriting theihave is hera famili kids


Posted Sep 19 2010

my husband(soon to be x) is guatemalian. He is on his way to being deported. i hope and pray he doesnt get any slack. i want him far away so he cant hurt me or my children anymore! he is in costody, so what happens if they get TPC? What will they do will him. If they let him out i might as well move to a differewnt country to be safe! He gives all illegal immigrants a bad rap!


Posted Nov 29 2010

a very important requisit to receive the tps will be a clean record.....


Posted Dec 1 2010

Why hasn't the administration responded to the request yet?

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