Iranian Tourists Die in Philippine Accident

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MANILA -- The Embassy of Iran in the Philippines will probe the bus accident in Cebu last Sunday that killed over a dozen Iranians, a television report said Monday.

Iranian Consul Mohammad Tavana has arrived in Cebu to extend assistance to the parents of the Iranians who were killed when the Cattleya tourist bus, with plate number GWZ666, fell into a 100-foot (30-meter) ravine along a mountain road in Balamban town in Cebu province.

The Department of Tourism has sent representatives to inspect the tourist bus's franchise, but it was discovered that the Filipino driver of the tourist bus who was one of the fatalities owned the company.

The bus is said to have been carrying 66 passengers, most of whom were Iranian medical students and doctors from Gullas College and Cebu Doctors University.

The Iranians were on an educational tour when the accident occurred, the report said.



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