Islamic Radicalism in the Rear-View Mirror

Islamic Radicalism in the Rear-View Mirror

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Editor's Note: What would Islamic radicalism look like through the rear-view mirror of a taxi cab?  In the new documentary, The Oath, there are two protagonists.  One is  taxi driver in Yemen seen on screen.  The other is mostly off screen.  You hear his letters, and see other people talking about him.  But their two paths intersected faitfully in 1996 outside a mosque in Yemen.  Abu Jandal, now a taxi driver, became Osama Bin Laden's bodyguard in Afghanistan.  Salim Hamdam became Bin Laden's driver, and ended up in Guantanamo.  He is the subject of the supreme court case, Hamdam vs. Rumsfeld.  Oscar-nominated documentary filmmaker Laura Poitras tracks their intersecting lives in her documentary, The Oath.


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