Little Bee: The Story of a Refugee

Little Bee: The Story of a Refugee

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Editor's Note: According to the dictionary, cleave means to halve or split into two. Chris Cleave lives up to his name is his novel Little Bee. It’s split literally into two, alternating between the voices of Sarah, the editor of Nixie, a fashion magazine with an edge and Little Bee, a young Nigerian woman who is a refugee in Britain with no papers. They first meet on a beach in Nigeria. Sarah is naively trying to vacation in Nigeria, while Little Bee is fleeing soldiers who are out to kill her because she witnessed what they did to her village. Their encounter scars Sarah. Then, several years later, Little Bee shows up on Sarah’s doorstep and the two women find they need each other in ways neither could have foreseen. Little Bee was short-listed for the 2008 Costa Award for best novel, and it is a New York Times bestseller.


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