Meg Whitman Debuts Ads en Español

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LOS ANGELES -- Editors of La Opinión called the California primary campaign between Meg Whitman and GOP rival Steve Poizner "nasty" and anti-immigrant. Now the Republican nominee is changing her tune. In a new ad released in Spanish, Whitman advertises her opposition to the Arizona law SB1070 in order to appeal to Latino voters. La Opinión writer Pilar Marrero blogs that this is "the first time in a long time a Republican candidate for governor has campaigned by promoting a pro-immigrant position in California." Whitman faces Jerry Brown, the Democratic candidate for governor, in the November elections. But her real opponent may be her own image during the primary race. Editors of La Opinión called on voters not to forget that this year's Republican primary in California was "characterized by the debasement of political debate and malice toward the undocumented."




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