U.S., Mexico and China Talk Trade

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LOS ANGELES -- The United States, Mexico, and China have begun to form a "golden triangle" in trade, reports La Opinión. In a conference Tuesday in Los Angeles, business executives and officials from the three countries promoted their trilateral vision. An example of how they complement each other is found in Monster Cable, a leading manufacturer of cables for computers and electronics in northern California. It manufactures its products in China, which are then shipped to Mexico where they are packaged before being distributed in the U.S. market.

Vivian Lampell Olmos, communications and partnerships manager of North American Production Sharing (NAPS)--a company that facilitates logistics in 45 foreign companies in Mexico--said three NAPS clients bring raw materials from China and then assemble them in Mexico.

Another company executive said the Asian presence is gradually changing the panorama of assembly plants south of the border, with two Tijuana factories recently acquired by a company based in China.

The meeting Tuesday was organized to highlight areas in which the countries' commercial relationship can continue to grow.




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