Hate Crime in Baltimore

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BALTIMORE, Md. -- The murder of a Honduran man in Baltimore has raised the red flag in the metropolitan area regarding a possible trend of hate attacks against immigrants, El Tiempo Latino reports. 

A young African American who is suspected of killing 51-year-old immigrant Martín Reyes, reportedly said he "hates" Mexicans.

In the past two months, five Latinos, all Honduran, have been killed in Baltimore, victims of attacks by African Americans.

Black groups are joining with Hispanic activists and politicians in the city to say they “will not tolerate these practices of hate.”

Baltimore Police Commissioner Frederick Bealefeld called on the Latino community to have the confidence to report crimes to the authorities, assuring them that their officers are not involved in immigration proceedings.

“Our greatest fear is that Mr. Reyes has been the victim of hate exacerbated by anti-immigrant groups and radio programs against our community," said Gustavo Torres, director of CASA de Maryland.