Ind. Man Arrested After Story in Filipino Cockfight Magazine

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Indiana resident Edward "Wally" Clemons was arrested last week after authorities were tipped off by an interview he gave a Filipino magazine about his rooster breeding operation.

John Goodwin with the Humane Society of the United States said his organization discovered the operation after Clemons gave an interview Pit Games, a Filipino magazine dedicated to cockfighting, and reported it to the Indiana Gaming Control Division.

On the cover of issue #31, the magazine tells readers there’s a story inside about "Wally Clemons: The breeder from Indiana." The story details breeding for different styles — American, Filipino and Mexican. Goodwin said this is “industry-speak” for different fighting styles. Each style puts different types of blades on the animals’ feet for the fights.

About 200 total roosters were seized from Clemons’ home in Fairland, where he’s been breeding fighting birds for four years. Investigators said the animals didn’t fight on this farm. They were just raised here and then sold to people who would take them to other places like Southern Indiana and Kentucky, even other parts of the world to fight. Fighting birds can cost anywhere from $1,000 to $2,000 each.




Posted Aug 10 2010

I don't see any wrongful doing of Mr. Wally Clemons on his breeding rooster? I don't think he deserve to be punished? He is not a gambler anyway.... He is just a man doing business in breeding rooster?...... Deban from the Philippines....


Posted Dec 10 2010

Here's and idea, with the shape our country is in, why don't the federal government step in and take the 501 exempt tax status from H$U$ . Mmmmm they have destroyed the game fowl industry in the US, and they keep taking from hard working Americans. People they don't care about animals, they kill them. They want money and this is how they get it. A cash cow w/ a tax exempt status. Yeah those pics you see on tv of poor little fido, well those are the marketing skills of H$U$. No thank you, I will keep my 19 dollars a month. I'm not paying any legal fees for these crooks!!!


Posted Dec 15 2010

I breed gamecocks approx. 50 heads + but I don't fight them. Sometimes I sold some if i'm over bred. Those pullets and oldies that doesn't look good, I cook them or give them away as it cost me too much on feeds. I breed them roosters because of their good looks and courage. I only fight them with gloves on for a few minutes as part of their exercise. I cut their combs and wattles for their looks and part of their grooming. I don't think it's CRUEL to cut it out , it is much cruel to cut the ears and tails of dogs in the U.S. and giving cats a bath. I symphatize with some American cockers who cannot enjoy their rights to own gamefowls. Gamefowls as they are named really fights without training them to fight.even people fights if you invade their territory so as they. HSUS, please understand those animals that needs protection and what not. Honestly, I give my fowls good nutrition and complete vitamins and minerals more than I do to me and my family. I just love watching them runaround my yards while they are little until they start to fight then I cord them to keep them out of each other. I don' t think them gamefowls will go into extinction. Give them american cockers their freedom they deserve. I am a naturalized American but left the U.S. due to some stupid rules and regulations we do here that we called LAWS.


Posted Nov 21 2011

To be reported for wrong doing by John Paul Goodwin of the H$U$ is comical, as he was a leader of ALF, an organization that is on the FBI’s list of domestic terrorist, JP was in trouble for arson and I understand was sentenced to wear an ankle bracelet. How is that for a moral high ground stockholder? Arson is a felony conviction in every state in the country…. Wohaaaaa, now he looks down on a cockfighter. Lets send everyone who kills a chicken to jail JP and a beer bust for those who have an abortion. What a nut….jimdem..


Posted Mar 14 2012

I wonder if Paul Goodwin would take the place of Mr Clemons in feeding his chickens????? That is IF HE REALLY CARES ABOUT ANIMALS!!!!!

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