Mexican Journalists Protest Violence

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MEXICO CITY- Hundreds of Mexican journalists conducted a silent protest to demand that the federal government do more to protect journalists from increasing violence, La Jornada reports.

The journalists, from diverse media, also called for investigations into the homicides of more than 60 reporters and the disappearance of 12 others.

In a statement, the journalists said: “We are convinced of the urgent need to publicly demand the cessation of all acts of violence, intimidation and harassment against journalists of the country.”

The call for the protest arose spontaneously on social networks over several days, encouraged by the slogan, “Because we want them alive.” Participants said they wanted to disseminate information about the need to “do something” to guarantee security for the right to inform the public.

The silent march was held in front of Mexico City's Ministry of the Interior. Protesters held signs that read, "Not one more!"

“Here are many people from many groups, from many media outlets, leaving aside their ideologies or political positions," said one long-time journalist who joined the march.

Officials expressed their willingness to receive a commission of journalists. Protest organizers made it clear that the act was “quiet and peaceful,” and that the purpose was not to address specific cases but to call on authorities to investigate the attacks that multiply each year and remain unsolved.