Mexico Serves up Another Miss Universe

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 LAS VEGAS, Nev. -- Twenty-two-year-old Mexican Jimena Navarrete Aug. 23  was declared the most beautiful woman in the universe, reports.

“I dedicated my crown to Mexico and to all who believed in me, especially my parents, my family, for my boyfriend," said Navarrete at a press conference after her big night.

Navarrete is the second Miss Universe from Mexico. In 1991 Lupita Jones won the contest, becoming the first Universal Queen from the U.S.'s southern neighbor.

Jimena was crowned in the same city in which, 19 years ago, Jones won the scepter.

“The biggest contribution I want to make is to show everybody my beautiful and beloved Mexico, my country and my people," Navarrete said.

Before retiring to celebrate her triumph, Navarrete addressed the issue of the Arizona Immigration Law.

“All countries are entitled to make their own immigration laws, but all Mexicans and Latinos who work in the United States do so to have a better life, and we cannot forget the human rights issue," she said.