Mexico's Migrants Outraged by Massacre

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MEXICO CITY -- Immigrant organizations, mothers of the disappeared and coordinators of shelters for deportees blame the Mexican government for the massacre of 72 Central and South Americans in Tamaulipas.

Xicotencalt Carrasco, director of the Belen Posada del Migrante shelter in Saltillo, Coahuila told La Opinión the Mexican government was guilty due to inaction, corruption and lack of respect.

Carrasco said that more than two years ago his shelter and other groups had presented a report on the deaths of migrants in Mexico, but the government was focused on debating the numbers.

Amnesty International reported in April that Mexican authorities had failed to implement effective measures to prevent the abuse and kidnapping of migrants by criminal organizations.

“Often they operate in complicity or with the consent of public officials,” said the organization.

In October 2008 and February 2009, two caravans of Central American women travelled through Mexico in search of their disappeared sons, but none of the authorities agreed to help them, according to pastor Luis Angel Nieto of the organization “Nuestros Lazos de Sangre.”

The Attorney General for the Republic (PGR) believes those killed were immigrants who failed to cooperate with Los Zetas.

In a separate article, La Opinión reports that one of the investigators looking into the massacre disappeared and was later found dead, presumably killed by Los Zetas.




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