Chinese Ready for Western-Style Musical

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NEW YORK—A Western-style Chinese musical is being developed by a group of art enthusiasts In New York to capture China’s growing theatre audiences, reports China Daily USA.

The Joker’s Game is the production company that is bringing the Chinese script and the Western musical theatre together. Kemin Zhang, a Chinese Canadian, is the author of the play.

Zhang believes China is an emerging market for these kinds of productions because Chinese people are becoming more sophisticated about musical performances, apart from the traditional Chinese opera. In fact, Rent and Mama Mia, two Broadway plays, won much success after tailored for Chinese audiences. Tony Stimac, a veteran theater composer who works on this production, said Broadway-style theater flourished in the United States after World War II, when the national mood was one of power and optimism, the mood prevailing in China now.

Zhang said, the production takes playful, pointed stabs at China's flagrant materialism. It is scheduled to be shown in China later this year.