Slave for Los Zetas Speaks Out

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MEXICO CITY -- A woman from El Salvador who was forced to work as a cook for the paramilitary group Los Zetas shared her story with the Mexican newspaper El Universal. The woman, idenitfied as Marisolina, said she was held captive for three months because she didn’t have relatives to pay her ransom. She said she was forced to work and wash clothes for the criminal organization responsible for the recent massacre of 72 immigrants.

“I washed the blood of those people many times.  As I washed the clothes, pieces of flesh would come out,” she told El Universal.

One of her captors called himself “the butcher” because he was in charge of killing immigrants who couldn’t pay them.

“Above the butchers were the bosses, who gave the orders of who would be made to disappear,” she said.

Marisolina was released by her captors during a military operation in which other migrants were rescued. But, she said, they warned her not to let her “big mouth" kill her.