Tony Lam Returns to Politics

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The first Vietnamese American ever elected to political office in the United States is jumping back into the fray, running for a seat on a local sanitary board.

When Tony Lam became a member of the Westminster City Council in 1992, he was the first Vietnamese American to successfully run a campaign and become elected to public office. His success unleashed a huge wave of participation by Vietnamese Americans in politics, which has resulted in the vast number of candidates and office holders seen today.

After almost a decade out of the political limelight, Lam is now seeking a seat on the Midway City Sanitary Board, which serves the City of Westminster and the unincorporated Midway City areas. Lam will be one of four candidates vying for three seats.

In his candidate statement, Lam said he would “provide experienced leadership.”
“While serving the City of Westminster as Mayor Pro-Tem, Councilman and Planning Commissioner, I cut costs, [improved] city services, and rebuilt our water system. I know the importance of maintaining our utilities to protect city assets,” he said.