Asian-American Students Continue to Post Gains in SATs

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Asian-American students continue to outperform all other test takers, according to new numbers published by the College Board, the nonprofit organization that administers the SAT college entrance exam.

Asian Americans posted a three-point gain in reading, a four-point jump in math, and a six-point jump in writing, compared to their numbers in 2009. The gains are the only highlight from an average score that has remained mostly unchanged for all other ethnicities.

About 42 percent of test takers were minorities, the highest non-white percentage ever to sit for the exam. The SAT results suggested that students who took a core curriculum in high school—defined as four years of English and three years each of math, science, and history—scored an average of 151 points higher than those who did not take the curriculum.

College Board attributes the uptick in scores of Asian-American students to their choice of courses in high school. More than two-thirds of Asian Americans took four years of science, versus 59 percent of test takers; 48 percent of Asian-American  students took calculus, as opposed to only 28 percent of test takers.