LA - News Briefing about earthquake preparedness at Los Angeles County Fire Training Facility, Sept. 30th

LA - News Briefing about earthquake preparedness at Los Angeles County Fire Training Facility, Sept. 30th

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 Haiti, Chile, China –
Are You Prepared for Another

What are our earthquake risks? How to plan for your family’s safety? How to protect your finances?

Briefing with Seismology, Urban Search and Rescue and Earthquake Insurance experts on physical and financial survival of the next big earthquake in California.

• USGS Chief Scientist
• Battalion Chief with Los Angeles County Fire Department
• President of Structural Engineers Association of Southern California
• California Earthquake Authority Director of Communications & External Affairs

When: Thursday, September 30th
10a.m. – 12p.m.

Where: LA County Fire Training Facility
(Next to LACOFD headquarters)
1320 N. Eastern Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90063

RSVP to:
Dana Levine:, or 415-503-4170
Julian Do:, or 714-366-6669


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