San Jose Beez Social Mixer - Thursday, Sept. 30th

San Jose Beez Social Mixer - Thursday, Sept. 30th

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 We’re hosting our first SJ Beez Social Mixer

Come & meet the folks behind San Jose & South Bay Area’s #1 Ethnic Media Hyperlocal News Hub.
Hang out with editors & writers, artists, community activists, educators & business leaders.
Talk with our staff about stories, ideas & what’s happening in the community. Suggest stories & ideas.

Find out what we’re doing with our community & business partners!

Everyone welcome!!
Free snacks & drinks!

When: Thursday, Sept. 30,
2010, 6 to 8 p.m.

Where: Silicon Valley
DeBug, 701 Lenzen Ave.,
San Jose, CA 95126

For more info:
Please call 415-503-4170
or email Julian Do:




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