SF - Ethnic media briefing on CA's Health Care Reform Law - Friday, Sept. 17th

SF - Ethnic media briefing on CA's Health Care Reform Law - Friday, Sept. 17th

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 Health Alert

How the New Health Care Reform Law Can Benefit Your Family, Your Business and You

WHO: Ethnic physicians, experts, patients and NAM pollster

WHY: By 2014, virtually all immigrants and ethnic Californians can receive health care insurance at very low cost, yet over 90% ethnic Americans know nothing about the law and how it could improve access to the quality care of health care for them and their families. Ethnic media are key to ensuring they are informed.

WHERE: New America Media Office
275 9th Street, San Francisco CA 94103
(Parking instructions below)

WHEN: Friday, September 17th, 2010, 10:45a.m. – 12:30p.m.

Dana Levine: dlevine@newamericamedia.org, or 415-503-4170

One hour metered parking/9th between Harrison and Howard (NAM will help refill meters)
One hour non-metered parking/Folsom between 10th and 8th
Two hour non-metered parking/8th between Folsom and Bryant or on Harrison


William Lukman

Posted Mar 2 2011

Oh man, i hate that. But damn, next time get that Knoxville power washing company that does deck and fence cleaning the proper way.

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