Cell Phone Photo Leads to Arrest of Sex Offender

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NEW YORK— A Chinese high school student got her harasser arrested by taking a picture of him using her cell phone on New York’s subway, marking the latest instance of the use of technology in crime enforcement. According to the World Journal, the victim of the subway harassment was 17-year-old Brooklyn Tech high school student Anna Jiang. She was taking the N-car when she noticed a strange man standing behind her masturbating and touching her back. Jiang was shocked and afraid, but she managed to snap a picture of his face with her cell phone. As soon as Jiang got off the subway, she reported the incident to authorities at her school and the school called the police. A few days later, suspect Daniel Barricella was arrested and indicted with public lewdness, sexual abuse and harassment charges.

This is not the first time cell phone photos have played a role in arresting sexual predators on public transit. There were two similar cases in July, when suspects were arrested after their victims or other witnesses took pictures of them using their cell phones.



Posted Oct 10 2010

Show the photo of the sicko!


Posted Dec 4 2010

that was not safe to not scream and keep it to yourself

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