Chinese Student from SF Faces Deportation to Peru

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SAN FRANCISCO--Steve Li, a student at San Francisco City College, is currently being detained in an immigration jail in Arizona, where he faces deportation to Peru, reports the Sing Tao Daily. The ethnically Chinese Li, who is 20, was born in Peru, but has lived in San Francisco for the past eight years. He and his family were arrested at during an immigration raid at their home.

Li’s parents, who were born in China, came to the United States on tourist visas and applied for political asylum in the country in 2002. A judge refused their application and ordered them to leave in 2004, but they remained in the United States.

City College Board Member Song-zheng Huang said he found out about Li’s immigration status when he received media inquiries on Oct. 25 about the student’s arrest and detention. Songz-heng sought help on Li’s behalf from federal lawmakers, saying the case shows the importance of passing the Dream Act, which would give undocumented students who attend a four year college or military service a path to citizenship.

If Congress could pass the Dream Act, Li wouldn’t be in jail and could apply what he’s learned from his American education to benefit society, Song-zheng says.