Latino Voter Turnout Expected to Be Low

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LOS ANGELES -- Latino voters, especially immigrants, are poorly motivated to participate in the elections this coming November, which will decide the balance of power in Congress for the next two years, and the governors of many states, according to a poll released Tuesday by the Pew Hispanic Center. Only 38 percent of Latino immigrant voters, whose primary language is Spanish -- indicating that they are recent immigrants -- say they are definitely going to vote on Nov. 2. Other groups of Latinos, including the elderly and those who are English-dominant, are more likely to show up at the polls.

But the turnout across all Latino voting blocs is expected to be relatively low this year. Overall, only 51 percent of Latino registered voters say they will definitely go to the polls this fall. This compares to 70 percent of registered voters in the general population that said they will be sure to vote, with Republicans expressing greater likelihood to show up at the ballot box than Democrats.