Paladino and Ultra-Orthodox Homophobia

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NEW YORK—The same week that  gang members were arrested in New York for allegedly torturing two teenagers and a man whom they believed to be gay, Republican gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino denounced homosexuality in a Hasidic synagogue. Editors of New York's El Diario/La Prensa write that Paladino’s hatred for gay people is representative of a larger movement to deny rights to gays and immigrants.

Paladino’s remarks were made at a reportedly fringe Hasidic congregation. The candidate later said that he had toned down speeches that were written by or influenced by the synagogue's rabbi.

"Throughout almost every community," editors write, "the religious right has obsessively targeted gays—and politicians have pandered to them." 

"Homophobic and anti-immigrant lobbies," the editorial continues, "cloak themselves as the defense of family and America."

Editors call on the nation to respect the rights and humanity of all people, and to hold leaders accountable who do otherwise.