Whitman and Brown’s Last Debate

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California gubernatorial candidates Meg Whitman and Jerry Brown held their last debate Tuesday night, three weeks before Election Day.

They addressed pension reform, the administration of public money, who is tougher on crime and if they can defend the environment without harming the economy. The night did not go by, however, without the issue of immigration being raised, reports La Opinión. Toward the end of the debate, moderator Tom Brokaw asked Whitman how she didn’t realize there was an undocumented immigrant in her home for nine years.

"You say you have to punish businesses and individuals that hire undocumented or ‘illegal’ immigrants. How do you expect a business to know if you did not know what you had at home?" Brokaw asked.

Whitman responded by blaming the nanny. "She falsified documents, we saw three different forms. It broke my heart but we had to say goodbye. So we need a strong E-Verify system” she said.

Jerry Brown highlighted the need for comprehensive immigration reform to deal with these workers in a logical and human way. "These are people, mothers and children," he said. "Indeed, after nine years, couldn’t she help her nanny hire a lawyer?"